Employer groups

Why partner with us?

With Bonum Health, empower your employees by giving them the freedom of being in-charge of their health and maximize your cost savings by getting into this strategic partnership with us. We expand your access to quality healthcare and increase your employees’ productivity by keeping them healthy

We provide tailored telehealth programs for your company’s unique needs while saving you and your employees both time and money. With the telehealth services that we provide, your employees will be able to improve their quality of life, overall health and wellness, and save time which they otherwise would spend in waiting rooms. Your employees can consult with doctors in minutes via web, mobile or phone

Snapshot of the benefits for you and your employees

  • Decrease in healthcare costs, for both employers and employees
  • Increase in overall productivity and employee attendance
  • Unique benefits making your company an attractive place to work
  • Quick and 24/7 access to urgent care from home, work or anywhere