Ensure Your Family’s Well-Being with Bonum Health’s Affordable Insurance Plans


The word Bonum originated from the Latin meaning “the highest good”, which is exactly what we aim to provide for our clients.

We are partnered with more than 35 companies offering a wide range of affordable health and life insurance options and financial products.


Why buy affordable health insurance and life insurance?


The life of an individual is unpredictable. Many unexpected events are bound to arise, which is why the need for affordable insurance is so important.

Bonum Health deals with all types of insurance plans, including:


Life                                                                Medicare Supplements                                        Mortgage Insurance  

Final Expense                                             Medicare Advantage                                             Disability

Annuities                                                     Long-term Care

Dental & Vision                                          Indemnity Plans


Why chose Bonum Heath?


Bonum Health makes it easy to save money on health and life insurance by simplifying the selection process.

Our licensed benefit consultants will listen and assist you, ensuring you get the right coverage based on your individual needs.

We assist with comparing affordable medical or life insurance plans from multiple companies to get the best coverage at the lowest price.

At Bonum Health, we will help you find a plan which will appropriately fit your needs as well as walk you through the buying process.

For more information about various insurance plans, contact us today at (844) 534-9374.

Affordable Health & Life Insurance Plans

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Now introducing, the Bonum Health & Wellness Program!

  • Save time and money by bringing the doctor to you.

  • You and your immediate family can be diagnosed and prescribed medication without ever stepping foot in the doctor’s office.

  • 24/7/365 access to board certified physicians anywhere in the U.S. for your family.

  • Plus many extra benefits, including dental, vision, hearing, prescriptions and more!

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Bonum Health is an insurance agency that helps individuals to make insurance decisions easy. We carry a full line of Health, Life and Annuity products.

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Bonum Health specializes in Life, Health, Fixed Index Annuities, Long term care, Dental/Vision, Hospital Indemnity, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage/RX policies. Let one of our products specialist conduct a review for you.

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Interested in a career in the insurance field? We are looking for talented individuals in the insurance field to join our team.